What To Expect

Sometimes we meet as a large group, and sometimes we meet in smaller living-room sized groups, so let’s discuss both.

At House Churches

In our smaller groups (8-12 people) you can expect…

MEALS: We love to eat together. Whether you’re in a house that gathers in the morning or in the evening, there will always be a meal. If you’re new, don’t feel like you have to contribute, just enjoy the food. (And feel free to call or email ahead if you have any food allergies, intolerances, or restrictions.)

TIME: Each group runs a little uniquely (as they are in different houses with different leaders and different demographics) but you can expect some version of the following no matter where you are: announcements, creative worship (music, art, writing, lector devina, etc.), prayer, scripture reading, discussion-based teaching, communion, and singing the doxology. The ordered part of House Church lasts for about an hour and then a meal begins, and people are welcome to stay, talk, and connect for as long as they want.

  • Otter House meets at 10AM
  • Washington House and Lafayette House meet at 4PM

KIDS: At this point, all our House Churches have a couple kids at least. Infants are welcome to stay with their parents at all times. (If you need some privacy for a crying, napping, or feeding child, that can easily be accommodated.) Toddlers, pre-schoolers, and elementary-aged kids may stay with parents at all times, but a trusted adult will be available to take them to a secondary toy room for play and learning especially during the discussion-based teaching time. Kids who are middle-school age and up are encouraged to participate fully with the adults throughout all of House Church.

If you’re interested in our doctrine of children, our thoughts on the ways children learn, or in some great resources for the spiritual formation of children, check out the following links:

At Community Gatherings

Sometimes referred to as “Big Church” (30-50 people), Community Gatherings have all the same elements as House Churches, just on a larger scale. Music and worship includes a band. The teaching is more sermon-esque (lecture based). Childcare includes 2-3 leaders. And food is more pot-luck sized. Otherwise, what you read above still goes.

This service happens the first Sunday of every month
at 4PM at 343 Wood Street, Bristol, PA 19007.