Redemption Endeavors

Redemption Endeavors are businesses, projects, non-profits, and events created to breathe new life into our local community. And while they might start as the brain-children of Redemption Church, they tend to grow up, leave the nest, and live a full life of their own under the leadership of others. For example…


First Fridays in Bristol Borough

For a few years, we tried our hardest all by ourselves to get a monthly arts festival started in Bristol Borough to help revive the seemly dead town. For a few years, it failed. And then we partnered with town organizations, the business association, and just anyone who would help, and First Fridays were finally born. Now, once a month from May to September the streets of Bristol Borough are teeming with vendors, artisans, hula hoopers, musicians, browsers, and patrons by the thousands.


Calm Waters Coffee Roasters


For 3 or 4 years we talked about needing a coffee shop here in town, and we even started the business plan. But after finally realizing that Bristol needed a successful business not a nice mission, Marjorie Mott reached out to her friends Andrew and Jodi Dittman who lived in Oregon. While the rest of us were mission people who liked coffee, the Dittmans were coffee people who liked mission, and they just so happened to be looking for a place to set up their roastery. So after a cross-country move and a total remodel of the building (thanks completely to the owners), Calm Waters became a reality. It’s a place where love and generosity fills the air, but you can also get a top notch cup of coffee.


The Way Home: Homeless Housing


When Redemption first started, we quickly made friends inside the local homeless camp. We were all in our 20s and early 30s with very little money and no great plan for buying an apartment complex or anything, but it turned out that we had exactly what no other organization was dolling out: our own neediness. Our new friends Butch and Leo and Kathy (and so many others) quickly adopted us into the homeless ranks and we spent every Tuesday afternoon around their campfire talking, warming our hands, eating their surplus of expired bread that was going to mold, and just letting them love us. Oddly enough, it was having someone else to take care of that made them feel like they were part of society again. And it was hearing this story that sparked a vision for a few Redemptionites to begin The Way Home.


The Zoe Project

zoey circle

In 2017, Redemption and 11 other area churches were chosen to be a part of a new young adults initiative through Princeton Theological Seminary. Part research part catalyst, this initiative is a 3-year process at the end of which we will receive a $20,000 grant to begin a new ministry for young adults. Already, The Zoe Project has taken a small team of Redemptionites to California to rub shoulders with cutting edge ministries and venues, podcasters and Pixar filmmakers, from the most minimal to the most awe inspiring in order to spark ideas. We look forward to what endeavor will come next.


Interested in building a Redemption Endeavor?

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