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Why Bristol?

“Why Bristol? The why has changed over the years. At first it was because we couldn’t believe nothing was happening here. Bristol had the perfect infrastructure for a community to burst into life, but storefronts were closed and sidewalks were empty. The spirit of defeat reigned. But now? Now we live within 8 blocks of work, school, the train station, the coffee shop, the library, the boat docks, the theatre and restaurants, all our friends’ homes, and a 3 mile bike path around the town. It’s an amazing place to do life and community and be a part of what God’s doing in the world.”

– Susan Alloway,  founding member

What else do we do?

the mill

The Mill: Open Sanctuary

The Mill serves the community of Bristol Borough by providing a contemplative space for prayer and spiritual development. Week-day prayer times incorporate meditative silence, elements from the Christian traditional liturgical office, and exploratory monastic contemplative practices. Come for morning prayer Monday – Friday from 6 – 8am or join the prayer class that meets every other Wednesday from 7 – 8:30pm.



First Fridays: summer arts festivals

May through September, the main street of the Borough is packed with vendors, artists, musicians, food trucks, hola hoopers, and thousands of guests. It’s the place to be in Bucks County.




If you haven’t been to Calm Waters, you’re missing out. Started by Andrew and Jodi Dittman, some like-minded friends who moved here from Oregon, CWCR has become a beacon of connection, hospitality, and love, and we are blessed to be able to host events there.



THE WAY HOME: homeless housing

The Way Home is a nonprofit that houses homeless men on their way back to health and wellness. Click the link above to learn more.


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Most of the people in our church live in Bristol, and we encourage each other to not only do life together, but to actually live together. Currently, we run 3 community houses…


apple picking


Hiking, biking, working, apple picking, grabbing coffee, hanging out, watching kids:
the daily routine of life can be a challenge, so why not share the load?


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